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Article: Christmas Gift Ideas for Special People

Christmas Gift Ideas for Special People

By Kylie McShaneChristmas

Christmas Gift Ideas: Australian JewelleryPart of the joy of this time of year is avoiding queues, staying home with a wheel of cheese and ordering exquisitely handmade gifts for your loved ones.

We’ve prepared our own cheat sheet to help you choose who gets what. You can also prepare your own list of sparkly gifts for yourself. We already have. ;)

We're sure you'll find just the thing to treat your loved one (or yourself, of course!) - and best of all you'll be supporting a small Australian business at the pointy end of the year.

So here's the lowdown on our gift ideas for very special people.

Gifts For A Good Mate To Tiptoe Through The Tulips With

Tulips have an ancient and surprisingly eventful history, originating in Persia and Turkey in the 16th century and, like inner city real estate, reaching peak unaffordability in the 17th century in the Netherlands. Each of the flower’s colours have different symbolism, with pink representing platonic affection, confidence and happiness.

This makes our shiny double rose gold tulip stud earrings perfect to show off the unique sense of style of a close mate or your work wife. If you’re feeling your chosen recipient needs some of extra love you can also grab them the matching necklace.

Gift Ideas with Local Elegance

In the past we’ve recommended our Australian Flora jewellery range for friends or family overseas. You could also use them to increase the power of the woman in your life who lights up a room; your missus, the aunt you always wanted to be when you grew up, the central member of your chosen family? You know who she is.

Our striking Australian flora open locket emits a little tinkle as the wearer moves, evoking rainforest spirits and the warning of incoming mischief. They can be complemented by Wattle Wreath Silver Hoop Earrings, drawing out the pattern on the front panel of the locket.

You Can Buy Yourself Flowers

Renew your commitment to devotion, love, resilience, joy, vitality, rebirth, and dignity of, erm, yourself, with these charming bouquet-based pieces. The bouquet at the centre consists of a daisy, dahlia, lotus, chrysanthemum and cherry blossom, legendary flowers for a legendary recipient.

Each flower sits on a delicate yet sturdy sterling silver chain. You can adjust the chain to fit for comfort. What you can’t adjust is the eye-catching sparkles these bouquets carry on the breeze. You are totes worth it.

Gold Gift Ideas: Put A Ring On It

This is the big one: a solid 14ct gold ring etched with a wattle design. An Australian native, the wattle’s glorious bursts of fuzzy gold represent remembrance and reflection; two things you will impress upon the lucky person who receives this as a gift. Perfect as a marker of a big event, a commitment-type ring for your beloved or someone you don’t see as often as you’d like.

If you are going all out, this ring would go perfectly with either our Citrine Gold Studs or Wattle Blossom Solid Gold Earrings. Citrine is thought to harness the energy of the sun, brightening up the lives of those who wear it.

Shop small for Christmas Gifts

Whichever jewellery combination you choose this season we hope you have an excellent time with lots of lovely food and sparkly gifts. We are going to eat a lot of pavlova (thanks New Zealand) and get some power napping in.

Be sure to check out our handy Christmas Shopping Guide for more gift ideas, outfit ideas, shipping info and much more. Thanks for supporting a small Australian business over the festive season.